1.       Saving some cash

Picking the right location means you could potentially save £££’s on travel costs, leaving a few extra pennies in the bank for more important things like pizza nights in, party nights out or late nights online shopping in bed (my personal fav). Let’s be honest, bus travel is not ideal, sometimes even the biggest headphones do not stop unwanted encounters with the public. There is this preconceived idea that University locations are more expensive, but you’ll be surprised at the competitive prices Samara Lettings has to offer.


2.       It’s time for leg day

Let’s face it, most of us have not made the most of our gym membership only nipping in now and again (usually to sport our shiny new gym wear or take that gym selfie). Or in my case, not at all. The whole ‘New year, new me!’ idea has slowly burned out and become a distant memory. We need something else to kickstart our road to fitness and get our rear into gear! What better way than to choose to live a little further away from campus forcing us to walk or cycle to Uni?     


3.       Half hour walk to the shops? No thanks.

There is nothing worse than having to drive to the nearest shop or supermarket because walking would take at least half an hour. Got better things to do like... binge watch The Umbrella Academy. Choose the locations that offer the best amenities to make your Uni experience all the more awesome! Side note: Samara Lettings provides some of the best locations with convenience stores, cinemas, shops, bars and restaurants all on their doorstep.


4.       Socially awkward to socially acceptable 

It’s important to be around people that understand us and our lifestyle, that’s why living in areas populated with fellow students is a must for a happy student life. We won’t ever be judged by our neighbours for walking to the local grocery store in our slippers and bathrobe at 4 in the afternoon. If anything, they’d be getting their onesies on and joining us! Samara Lettings offer properties in those much-needed areas so hurry and book your viewing soon!

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