It’s coming up to that time of the year... MOVING OUT! Aaaargh! Even though it’s something we accept as part of student life, it’s still no fun. But lucky for you we’ve shared some helpful tips that can make the process a bit easier. 

Disclaimer: not saying it’ll be any more fun.

Don’t stock up, eat up!

If there was ever a time to get creative with your culinary skills, now’s it! Baked beans and tinned peaches? Maybe not. But eating what you have is better than being wasteful and will save you a bob or two. 

Get your marigolds on!

The most common deposit deduction comes from cleaning charges. Start early, spend an hour a day and concentrate on one section or room at a time. Don’t leave it last minute as it takes longer than you think to pack AND clean. 

Got any DIY skills?

Which brings us to repairs. Make sure you make good any plaster damage, holes from picture hooks and paint over any scuffs and bluetac marks. 

Don’t be camera shy

Take plenty of photos of each room before you leave. When your property is later inspected by your landlord, you’ll have evidence of the condition you left it. 


If you weren’t one of the more savvy tenants that chose an ‘All Inclusive’ property, now’s the time to kick yourself. But before you do any real damage- it’s not actually that bad. Take meter readings of your gas meter, electricity meter and water meter (if applicable). The easiest way is to take a photo on your phone. Then call or email your utility supplier/s with the meter readings and your tenancy end date. Do this on the last day you’re in the property- it doesn’t have to be the tenancy end date, just the day you say goodbye to your dig for the last time. 

Be kind to the environment 🖤 

Before you leave your home for good, turn off your heating and turn off lights. Our beautiful planet will really appreciate it. 

Wires are the worst.

Take a photo of the back of your TV, computer or X Box before you disconnect the wires, it’s not easy trying to remember where they all go. 

Want free packaging?

Get to your local supermarket and ask for unwanted boxes. Not only will you be recycling, you'll avoid spending hours later having to search through bin-liners to find what you need. 

Packing hacks

Keep your clothes on their hangers. Unpacking your wardrobe pieces will be completed in minutes!

A moving essentials bag is a must!

Pack important items like your phone charger, passport, medication, basic toiletries and perhaps even a change of clothes. When you get to your new place, you’ll have easier access to your essential items without having to hunt around. 

And finally...

If possible, get mum and dad involved. They’re more likely to have a car, and the patience. 

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