Flat 76 Samara plaza

I stayed in this property with 2 of my mates and it was quality. Would highly recommend

26th April 2021
Great agency!

Honestly i have only positive things to say not only was the flat in great condition but the agency were very understanding and always there to answer my questions i would highly recommend them! they are professional and reliable! I have had a great year living in their property and would love to rent with them again in the future!

16th September 2020
Renting at Samara Plaza

It is my third year renting same property in Samara Plaza, I do enjoy my studio, it is not that luxurious, but not that bad, wooden floor and furniture always give good feeling and warm. As any property I have experienced some issues and faulty, however, maintenance team is so responding and helping, sorted out most of my complains through fixflo. I do hope if there is a proper park for my bike that is something I am not happy with, but other than that I do feel happy that I chose to proceed my tenancy with Smara Plaza with all uncertainty we are facing amidst the pandemic.

3rd August 2020
A very positive experience

Never had such an easy time getting into a property. Staff were considerate, reasonable and active and worked hard to prevent delays. Definitely would recommend!

15th January 2020
Great letting agents for students

Must say i am always hesitant of trusting student letting agents, but Samara were great! Most issues we had were sorted within a respectable time and the staff are always doing their best to help. Probably one of the best letting agents ive used

Beth S
15th January 2020
Great Service

Great service, friendly and helpful staff. If I could give more stars I would.

6th January 2020
Really postive experience, very helpful team

I highly rate Samara, of all the agencies I have rented with I felt Samara really cared about my experience as a tenant from day one and wanted me to enjoy my home. Office manager Jason went above and beyond many times to fix situations that were no one's fault, just the inevitable issues that crop up. I would be happy to rent again with Samara, would recommend them and say thank you for a great time in a lovely property.

Professional Renter
9th September 2019
Very Good.

The flat I rented with Samara was stunning and one of the best student properties I have ever seen. (Designed for postgrads and young working professionals). Repairs were fixed quickly through fixflo and we had a regular cleaner who came to do an extra clean of communal spaces weekly. We were always notified in advance of viewings and people needing access to the property. At the end of the tenancy there had been an issue with me and my housemate been verbally told the wrong move out date but unlike most companies, samara were extremely kind and fair about our slightly late key hand in. I believe other companies would have definitely took advantage within the given scenario and charged phenomenal amounts which they easily could have done but Samara did not do! :) I would recommend samara to other students wanting a safe company to stay with in the Leeds area that have nice houses.

3rd September 2019
Very good once you become a tenant

The initial process of renting was not as smooth as I had hoped as certain instructions were unclear and I didn't think I would get the place in the end. However once I moved in the room was kept clean and of high quality plus any minor issues such as one lightbulb going out or the window having issues with the hinges were dealt with immediately and I never had any issues living there.

3rd August 2020
I spent 2 years living in the flat taken care of by Samara

I spent 2 years living in the flat taken care of by Samara (221 Woodhouse street). The room was spacious at an affordable price. I also recommended friends of mine to go for Samara as you guys take very good care of me while living there. You are a professional renting agent. I also love the way you manage things systematically, including contracts, deposits and report a repair. This makes things easy to track and follow up. Unfortunately, I have to move out due to my personal circumstance. However, I would recommend Samara to my friends to stay when they are in Leeds. Thank you for giving me a great time in such a lovely flat :)

221 Woodhouse Street
4th September 2021

Living in my past house was an absolute delight! The spacious layout provided ample room for all my needs, making it a truly comfortable and functional space. The neighborhood was a dream come true, with its friendly community, beautiful parks, and convenient amenities. I truly miss the incredible living experience this apartment offered!

13th July 2023

I cant speak for others, but In my opinion, this is the most professional letting agency I have ever come across.  Every process from the beginning until getting the key is systematically professional and efficient. As a businessman myself who likes to get every detail right, this is a breath of fresh air. When I jump to the property ladder, I will seriously consider Samara. I want to also thank Paige & Lydia (apologies for potential misspelling) for being very professional, kind, patient and showing a genuine will to help even though I called them about a 1000 times. Thanks Obed.

1st July 2023

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