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Why Samara

Samara is the right choice if you are looking for a trusted agency to manage your property. We are well known in the student and professional property sector so you can be confident that your property will benefit from full exposure ensuring that we maximise the probability of your property being occupied year in year out. We use a wide range of marketing tools to advertise your property, which helps us achieve 99% capacity every year.

Our property management services offer:

  • Rent valuation
  • Marketing of property
  • Finding tenants
  • Viewing service for prospective tenants
  • Rent collection service (optional)
  • Maintenance Service (optional)
  • Property inspection service (optional)
  • Advice & guidance

Property management

Property Service Management

When you decide to place your property/ properties under our care we offer you three different property management packages:

Complete Property Management Service

The service provides full management of your properties from advertising to rent collection and a full maintenance service. We will initially inspect your property offering you advice if any on how to improve the property to increase its desirability and give you an idea of its expected rental value.

At Samara, we have a reputation to maintain and therefore we require landlords to meet our minimum standards before we can manage their properties.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will market your property and find you your tenants. This includes a viewing service which allows you to sit back and let us do all the leg work. We have many procedures in place (such as ensuring that tenants have a UK based guarantor) to ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

Chasing rent no longer need be a headache as you leave all that up to us. We have legal systems in place that ensure tenants pay their rent on time. You will then receive a statement together with the rent on a quarterly basis.

All your property maintenance needs are fully taken care of at Samara. You never need worry about not finding a plumber, electrician or Joiner to carry out repairs. We have an in-house maintenance team that look after all our maintenance requirements.

Rent Collection Management Service

The service offers landlords the opportunity to take advantage of our tenant find and rent collection service. As with the Complete Management Service, we initially inspect your property offering you advice if any, on how to improve the property to increase its desirability and give you an idea of its expected rental value.

We then proceed to finding you the right tenants, using a variety of tools. Once your property is snapped up, we collect the rent and send it to you on a quarterly basis with your statement.

The rest is up to you. We provide tenants with your details, and should there be any maintenance issues at the property, they would address them to you directly.

This arrangement is very beneficial for some landlords, and some of our own landlords have continued using this service for many years.

Tenant Find Service

Landlords can now benefit from our marketing by placing their property with us for advertising and viewing. We would find you your tenants and pass them over to you where you would arrange the rest. This would involve a one off fee of which would be paid to us in two phases.

As a reputable company, we reserve the right to refuse any landlord that does not hold our ‘good landlord credentials’ required by Samara and who does not offer properties that meet our minimum standards.

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